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    Pet Grooming Deshedding Gloves

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    Multi-function Deshedding Glove (Upgrade Version)
    With Enhanced 255 Soft Rubber Tips
    Adjustable Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)
    Lightweight and Breathable
    Gentle Hair Removal
    Machine Washable (Easy to Clean)
    Safe for Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets
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    Grooming gloves Right Hand
    effective & gentle deshedding glove
    easier to clean the glove
    multipurpose grooming glove
    flexible five finger design
    Difficulties in cleaning up pet hair
    machine & hand wash
    Black Pet Hair Remover Glove

    Pet Hair Remover Glove - Right Hand

    Regular price$7.99

    Multi-function Deshedding Glove (Upgrade Version)
    With Enhanced 255 Soft Rubber Tips
    Adjustable Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)
    Lightweight and Breathable
    Gentle Hair Removal
    Machine Washable (Easy to Clean)
    Safe for Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets
    • Free shipping for US and Canada

    New Version Grooming Gloves DELOMO
    more effective grooming & easier to clean
    enhanced 255 grooming tips
    muti functional pet gloves
    flexible five finger design
    breathable & comfortable mesh
    generic & adjustable size
    say bye to pet hair mess
    Pet Hair Remover Gloves Purple and Black

    Pet Hair Remover Gloves-Purple and Black

    Regular price $18.99 Sale price$16.99

    Multi-function Deshedding Glove (Upgrade Version)
    With Enhanced 255 Soft Rubber Tips
    Adjustable Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)
    Lightweight and Breathable
    Gentle Hair Removal
    Machine Washable (Easy to Clean)
    Safe for Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets
    • Free shipping for US and Canada

    Pet Grooming Gloves
    more effective deshedding design
    easier glove cleaning
    five finger design
    all in one pet grooming gloves
    The difficulty of cleaning pet hair
    simple yet practical pet gloves

    Pet Hair Remover Gloves

    Regular price$11.99

    Flexible pet hair remover glove with soft rubber tips
    Adjustable wrist strap for different wrist (One size for All)
    Five-finger design - easy to clean the face, legs or tail
    Breathable & quick-drying mesh material on the back
    Hand washable / machine washable and reusable design (Easy to clean)
    Safe for cats, dogs, and other pets
    • Free shipping for US and Canada

    Grooming Gloves for Furniture
    2 in 1 grooming glove
    effective grooming & easy to clean
    furniture cleaning helper
    flexible 5 finger design
    multi functional pet gloves
    generic size & adjustable fit

    Grooming Gloves for Furniture

    Regular price$9.99

    2 in 1 pet grooming glove
    One glove two function sides
    Furniture cleaning with special brush fabrics
    Pet grooming with 255 silicon tips
    Effective grooming & easy to clean
    Generic size & adjustable fit
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    In the United States, 63.8% of households either own a dog or a cat because they supply us endless joy. Without question, it's a significant amount. But, like all animals, proper maintenance is required, and that's why we'll be discussing our industry-leading pet hair remover glove which is one of our pet hair removal tools today. 

    Grooming plays a considerable role in an animal's health. Without a doubt, cat owners can find that cats shed their fur every day, especially cats with loose hair or short hair. Un-groomed fur can quickly become matted, filled with unwanted debris, and even parasites. Therefore, to maintain your pet's well-being, becoming knowledgeable about our grooming products is essential. 

    A clean, well-groomed animal is a happy pet. Therefore, let's discuss our grooming glove and how a simple device can improve animal health. 

    At DELOMO, we've developed a new and improved glove brush design for furry pets. If you own a household animal, it's almost certain fur will be everywhere. However, a fur-free home is possible with the best tools. 

    One tool that works exceptionally well is our grooming glove. With this, you can tackle de-shedding problems before they arise: providing a fur-free home and enhancing your pet's well-being. 

    An excellent feature of our product is that the product is multi-functional. Whether you have a cat, dog, or even a horse, each pet receives the same benefits from the product - adequate grooming. 

    Attached to the glove are 255 soft silicone rubber tips that can effortlessly glide across your pet's fur without causing discomfort. These tips don't only help with de-shedding the coat but also provide a massaging sensation on the applied area. 

    Including all these substantial benefits, the wearability and comfort offered to the owner are exceptional. With a mesh-like material and adjustable strap, one size fits all. Because of its design, the product is also lightweight, breathable, and machine washable, making the process of de-shedding effortless. 

    If you're looking for a horse, dog, or cat grooming glove, this product is undoubtedly for you. With masses of pet lovers already receiving outstanding results, join them today by purchasing our de-shedding glove. 

    Our team at DELOMO takes animal care seriously. Therefore, before purchasing our product, you'll want to become familiar with this simple step-by-step guide to using the best brush gloves for pet massage and grooming. 

    By understanding this, you'll receive much more premium results. You won't only love this, but also your pet and furniture. Here's what you need to know: 

    1.Set-up - Once you receive our grooming glove(s), you'll want to take them out of the packaging, and place the product on your hand(s). When comfortably fitted, grab the hook & look fastener and tighten it around your wrist until secured. The glove can fit all hand sizes.

    2.Brushing direction - Now the glove(s) are fitted, it's time to begin brushing. First, get your pet in a position that makes the de-shedding process accessible. Afterward, start brushing. However, only brush in the direction of the fur. Doing this the other way can cause discomfort and more knotting.

     3.De-shed all locations - Remember, use our grooming glove to de-shed all pet body areas. You'll want to consider the primary areas; head, chest, back, belly, and legs.

    When performing this, large amounts of hair will attach to the glove. When this occurs, your pet might want to try to eat it. Avoid this situation at all costs, as the hair could cause choaking, have unwanted debris, illnesses, and they'll also damage the glove. 

    Using our grooming glove is straightforward and simplistic. However, what makes DELOMO's solution a desirable option within this highly competitive industry? It's simple, we listen to our customers and fulfill their needs. Because of this, we've added the following features to our design: 

    1.Breathability - Commonly, waterproof gloves that follow the same design aren't breathable, making your hands sweaty. However, our innovatively-designed mesh-like material allows for optimal airflow. Because your hands don't sweat, allowing for a better user experience. 

    2.Adjustability - Most one size fits all gloves aren't what they're advertised. In most circumstances, somebody with larger hands will stretch the material and re-shape the entire glove. But the combined stretchy mesh material and wrist strap that is adjustable make it the perfect size for everybody. 

    3.Machine Washable - Plenty of gloves can not be washed by machine and must get cleaned by hand. At DELOMO, we understand people don't want to do this. Wash your pet hair remover gloves with a machine after you groom your cats and allow them to air dry, then you can use them again.

    4.Transport & Usability - Lastly, transport and usability. The product is lightweight, flexible, and hard-wearing, meaning it can get transported in a bag, luggage, or even in large pockets. In addition, using this deshedding glove is as simple as placing it on your hands and brushing a pet.

    Above are the four primary features that come with our product. These combined make for an excellent de-shredding tool that'll help your beloved pet stay healthy and unmatted. 

    Around the US, people love our cat, horse, and dog grooming gloves for many different reasons. Since we released this product onto the market, we've satisfied over a million customers and have 500 new people choosing us every day. 

    However, why are people selecting DELOMO as their go-to option for grooming gloves?

    1.Useability - We designed the product around useability to develop the best grooming glove available on the market. By doing this, we've created a glove brush that is straightforward to use and clean.

    2.Functionality - At DELOMO, we didn't only want to make a cat brush glove. Instead, we wanted to cater to the entire household animal industry. Therefore, we design a glove that can de-shed cats, horses, and an array of other furry pets.

    3.Customer satisfaction - We've achieved the utmost customer satisfaction by focusing heavily on the above. By optimizing useability, functionality, and pricing, we've received over 10,000 5-star reviews and 100% satisfaction rates. 

    As seen on TV, this product excels in areas that household pet owners require assistance with during shedding season. From focusing on our customer's pain points in this sector, we've developed an all-rounded product that makes pet maintenance a lot easier. 

    Whether you want to de-shed your pet occasionally or before bathing them, the outcome will remain the same - excellent. To see some of the reviews on our products, check out the product pages. 

    Customers of DELOMO adore our grooming gloves. However, what about our furry friends? Although we can't speak to them, we can certainly suggest that cats, and other pets, love our grooming gloves. 

    Un-groomed pets are more subjected to health problems because unwanted debris, parasites, and more can build up in matted fur. Adequately grooming your dogs or cats will remove excess hair, and avoid skin irritation. They become healthier, ultimately reflecting on their overall happiness. 

    Cat grooming can help to remove excess hair, and keep the cat has healthy skin. Whether your cat has short hair or long hair, the brush glove can remove hair quickly. Soft rubber ensures gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of cat fur or scratching the skin.

    Apart from the health benefits our gloves provide, the bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palm provide a massage-like sensation when applied to the fur. Soft nodules ensure the distribution of natural oils. Without question, this offers significant satisfaction, and from customer pictures, undoubtedly true. 

    The best glove offers comfort to both you and your fur friend. Removing fur is also available during bath time. It's very easy to clean the excess hair from cats in hard-to-reach places. Both long hair cats and short hair cats love being groomed by our product.

    Including this, it makes bathing more enjoyable. Before washing a dog or cat, brushing is recommended to remove all loose fur. As a result, your fur friend isn't surrounded by loose hairs when bathing.

    After using out product, it doesn't clean itself. However, luckily, cleaning this tool is remarkably simple and only takes a matter of seconds. There isn't one way of cleaning a glove full of fur. Therefore, we'll name a few which you can choose.

    1.Method #1 - First, remove the large clumps of hair that have built up on the pet grooming glove; doing this is as simple as peeling it off. Next, you'll want to wash the rubber side of the glove with mild detergent or soap. Use a brush to scrub the spikes gently, then leave on a towel to dry.

    2.Method #2 - Next, you'd follow the same start as the above method by peeling off the large clumps of hair. However, instead of washing this manually, you can throw this into a washer. Once the washing cycle has finished, dry it on a towel.

    Cleaning this tool is straightforward for anybody, whether you choose method one or two.

    Typically, this product gets labeled a cat or dog grooming glove. However, it's much more universal than that. As seen on TV, you can use this product on practically all household pets ranging from cats, horses, and more. 

    Not only you can use the hair removal glove when you groom or massage your pets but also you are bathing or washing your furr-friends. Such a product is breathable. Put it in a well-ventilated place. It will soon dry out. Then you can use it again next time.

    If we haven't listed your fur friend above, it's practically anything with fur and can malt. To guarantee this works with your fur friend, make sure you perform a small "test run". 

    Attach the deshedding brush glove to your hand and run the spikes in the same direction as the fur. If your cat or dog responds positively and fur appears on the glove, then it can be used on your animal.

    Now you've become knowledgeable about the above, you should have a solid understanding of our grooming glove. Whether you want to find a dog and cat brush glove or a pet deshedding glove, our product is always your best choice.

    Without question, it's an excellent product and a much-needed accessory for any pet owner. To purchase or find more information about the per hair removal tools of DELOMO, see this page or the pet hair removal roller page.