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Our Story

It all began in the summer of 2013 when he brought home a stray kitten, later named Lomo. Not in an adequate pet-care situation himself, he meant to care for her temporarily till the animal shelter found her a better, forever home. But as days went by, that little ball of fur became inseparable and had him feel they belonged together. So he accepted Lomo into his life as the first four-legged family member and started a new purr-fect life.

Three months later, the second furry companion, Desko, an active little puppy given by a friend entered the family. Lomo took on the big sister role and showed Desko his new home. They even played and napped together. He had the greatest joys in his life. But as they grow and thrive, they shed mountains of hair. He couldn’t find the right solution for the fur problem, so he set out to create it.

After two years of error and trial, the Furbuster, a life-changing pet hair remover roller, was born. This encouraged him greatly to provide more solutions to improve the experience of living with and loving pets for the other pet owners. In 2016, he quit his job as a mechanic designer and created the brand DELOMO, named after Desko and Lomo.

“DELOMO was founded on a belief that all pets deserve a safe, loving home. We’re committed to giving back to the animals in need while striving to help pets and their parents live happier lives.” - Matt, Parent of Two Fur Babies and Creator of DELOMO.

Family and Dogs

Our Mission:
Help people help homeless animals. Find them all a loving home and a better life.

Our Vision:
All pets live in safe, loving homes.
No pet would be abandoned and euthanized.

Our Values:
We’re Giving Back. Make a difference in pet homelessness.