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Delomo Pet Grooming Glove
Love, Bond, and Groom with Ease

Delomo glove is the ultimate grooming solution to pamper your furry companions with love and care!
These innovative gloves are designed to enhance the grooming experience for both you and your pets, creating a stronger bond and a happier, healthier pet.
Grooming, bathing, deshedding or massaging - just all in one versatile Delomo pet glove.

It's Top-Tier Media's NO.1 Pick

This glove has super soft silicone bristles that provide a gentle massage. It easily passes through mats and tangles without tugging at fur and causing discomfort. And all the hair it collects is hair that won't end up on your floors or furniture.

The glove works on everyone: long-, short- and curly-haired dogs, cats, horses, and any other pets! Plus, the hair sticks to the glove so that it's easy to peel and throw the fur away.

It is our favorite dog grooming tools! The glove is made of soft rubber, so your pet feels more comfortable and relaxed while they’re getting brushed. It’s also one size fits all with an adjustable wrist strap to provide a more comfortable fit.

These one-size-fits-all gloves slip on easily and have an adjustable wrist strap. They’re ideal for both long, short, and curly-haired dogs and can be used with other types of pets, such as cats and horses, as well. The gloves hold up just fine in water, so it's okay to use them while you give your dog a bath.

The Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves effectively removes loose fur while providing a relaxing massage for my dog, and delivers a solid performance.