How to clean DELOMO pet grooming glove without washing them?

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How to clean DELOMO pet grooming glove

If your pet's hair is very short, there may be some residual hair on the glove after use. You may need to wash the glove with water, but is there a good way to clear glove without washing them?

Yes, spraying a bit of water on the rubber side of the glove before use will keep your pet's hair from scattering, and will make it easier to peel off the short residual hair.
Or you can get a slightly damp paper towel to wipe off the residual hair on the glove, it would work wonderfully.

But in most cases, you could start grooming your pet with the rubber side, when enough fur has been collected, you can easily peel a large piece of hair off the glove, no residual hair left.

And our grooming gloves can be rinsed by water if you want to clean it.

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