14-Day Daily Giveaway

Thanks for stopping-by!

In order to celebrate Christmas and thanks for your continuously support to DELOMO, we are holding a 14 days giveaway - one winner each day! And it is very easy to enter.

  • Join Delomo Community Facebook group.
  • Comment a number in order from 1 - 999 under the giveaway mein thread.
  • One submission per user, invite your friends for extra submissions.
  • Each person you added to our group(must accept your invitation) will give you an extra submission.
  • DO NOT post anything else except your number.
  • Daily draw from Dec. 13th - Dec. 26th

Delomo Community Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/delomo

Giveaway main thread  https://www.facebook.com/groups/delomo/posts/1339275529832387

Prize list as following. You can choose also choose Amazon Gift Card or PayPal transaction if you win the Gift Card. Please note that we will not cover PayPal transaction fees if you choose money.
Day 1 (Dec. 13th): Grooming Gloves
Day 2 (Dec. 14th): Lint Rollers
Day 4 (Dec. 16th): Stay tuned
Day 5 (Dec. 17th): Stay tuned
Day 6 (Dec. 18th): Stay tuned
Day 7 (Dec. 19th): $50 Gift Card
Day 8 (Dec. 20th): Pet Furry Bed
Day 9 (Dec. 21th): Stay tuned
Day 10 (Dec. 22th): Stay tuned
Day 11 (Dec. 23th): Stay tuned
Day 12 (Dec. 24th): Stay tuned
Day 13 (Dec. 25th): $100 Gift Card & Mystery Box
Day 14 (Dec. 26th): Stay tuned
Keep your eyes on the latest post in our group to see the winners and the prize for the Next Day! Good Luck everyone, let's the party begin!