The best gloves for pet massage and grooming to tackle pet hair problem

Having pets and keeping a clean, comfortable house at the same time is never easy and sometimes can feel like an impossible mission. As much as you try to banish all the hair, it still turns up here and there especially during the shedding seasons when your furry friends practically leave trails of hair everywhere they go. The key is to get the pet hair directly from the source before it gathers around your house. These DELOMO pet grooming gloves are the best tool that reduce shedding while keeping your cat and dog well groomed.

How the DELOMO Gloves Work

Unlike traditional grooming brushes and combs with rough bristles or sharp teeth which pets shy away from, these DELOMO gloves have 255 soft silicone tips that cats and dogs love. As you stroke your pet, the silicone bristles reach down into the coat, lifting away loose hair, dirt and dander, all of which would otherwise end up on your floor and furniture. And while you’re doing your deshedding job, your pet is getting a soothing kneading message that holds him/her down for a more effective grooming. It’s a win win.


These gloves come in a pair so you can opt to use one hand or both hands to speed it up when you need. Anyway, you won’t get dirt or dander stuck in your fingernails like when using a grooming brush or comb. And with an ergonomic 5-finger design, DELOMO gloves are easier to use and more comfortable. They allow you curve your hand to your pet’s body contours and scratch tails, back of legs, around the face and under the belly easily. This way, you can ensure a full coverage of coat and remove loose hair as much as possible before it reaches your floor, sofa, or carpet.


How the DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves Make Pet Look Even Better

Brushing your cat or dog with these gloves can not only remove excess hair, dirt, dander, keeping your pet’s coat clean and tangle-free also stimulate skin and its natural oils, giving the coat a shiny luster. The silicone bristles on these deshdding gloves are effective on either dry or wet fur. This means you can do dog or cat spas right in the comfort of your own home. Clean, groom and bond with your furry friends all at the same time. It’s easy to lather shampoo into your pet’s fur and maneuver around his/her body. If done properly, your cat or dog will associate the  gloves with having a relaxing and chill time. Then keeping your pet well-groomed, happy and looking their best is way much easier.


What Others Say about the DELOMO Gloves

Amazon shoppers have been raving about these best-selling gloves. Many said it worked great for pets who hate being brushed and is super easy to use. “Removes hair like a champ!” one reviewer wrote. “These gloves are the perfect solution! My puppy would sit and let you scratch her all day if you had the time!”. Another added “The dog immediately loved it, now whenever I put them on he lies down ready to be stroked with them. 

“Oh, my goodness! These gloves are amazing.” “Sometimes, they express a little hesitation initially but start purring very quickly and then move into the caress, showing that they enjoy the experience.” raved one shopper. And another shopper agreed “Our dogs actually really enjoyed being groomed with this glove, and we got an enormous amount of hair off the two of them. It felt great to see it come off on the glove instead of floating around my house.” 


How to Clean the DELOMO Gloves

These gloves collect fur in between the silicone bristles, so you simply peel it off when you’re done. If there are any residue hairs left on, you can rub your gloved hands together to loosen the hairs so they fall off easily. For light cleaning of the DELOMO gloves, wipe them down with a clean cloth and to clean thoroughly, throw the gloves into a washing machine instead. Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric, these gloves dry up rather quickly so you won’t miss a grooming session any day of the week.

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