Pet your pet, bath it and remove its hair with this all-in-one tool - DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

How to take good care of your pet, there are three points that you should know about.

How to pet your dog or cat?


Do you have a dog or a cat? They are like a child who you care about all the time. Also, they make your life full of surprise, happiness and companionship that no one could take its place in your heart.It seems that petting your pets has become a daily part of your life.

Now! DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove can give your baby a soft and relaxing massage. In the enjoyment of grooming, also improves skin oils that benefit its health. Apart from making them look beautiful and healthy, the process of grooming itself is a fantastic way to show your pet that you love them. Win-win!

“The first time we used it on our cats, they weren’t sure about that ‘big hand’ coming after them, but it only took one use before they started lining up and begging to be groomed. My cats are always run when they see the grooming glove. It feels like they just get lots of love cause you just pet them to remove the hair. they too enjoyed it when I finished it and I found they went to sleep.

Within a couple of days, the hair tumbleweeds had all but disappeared, and even the lint tray in our dryer was cleaned after each load. In addition, our cats are calmer and happier. I call it‘Xanax for cats’”— From our customer review

How to remove pet hair?

We all know our pets are perfect — we don't have a single complaint about 'em! WELLL okay...maybe ONE—The shedding.

Pet owners always had as much trouble with pet hair .you need one tool to help you remove the hair from the leather couch, bedding, clothes and furniture. But how to do? Since the fur is fell from the cat, we’d better focus on the cat itself. Using our DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove brush away loose hair from cats and dogs regularly. No more fur goes flying in the house. Your vacuum, squeegees, pet hair remove roller were became unnecessary.

“WOW! I groomed the cat with our regular brush and got a bit of fur...then I used this...I got enough fur off that cat to knit a wig for my bald head! Now I just gotta learn how to knit. AMAZING! The poor cat looks like she's lost 10 pounds. 

Best of all is that there aren't cat hairballs all over our hardwood floors. We can pick up the cat without a cloud of hair trailing behind us. This product is every bit as good as described." — From our customer review

How to wash a dog or cat?

DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove can be used wet or dry, 255 silicone grooming tips plus the five-finger design makes it perfect for spreading and massaging cat or dog shampoos and flea treatments through their coat evenly,which help it to lather and in-depth clean coats.

A grooming glove makes your pet’s coats were sleek, neat and shiny and makes sure that your hand and nails remain clean. The lining of the glove is also fast-drying so that it will be easy for you to dry it out after bathing.

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