How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Clothes, Furniture, Floors, and More

Any pet owner knows the pain of removing their pet’s fur from their furniture, floors, beds and other household items. In order to escape from this, pet owners, in spite of keeping a fabric sofa, prefer to have sets of leather sofa in their home. But, this can’t be a good solution, as leather sofas are costly and not every pet owner can afford this.

So, the easiest and affordable option is to use a good pet hair remover brush or a pair of rubber gloves for removing pet hair easily from your clothes, couch, bed, and floor.

DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Brush for Removing Pet Hair

Here are a few tips to make the task of removing pet hair from your furniture, floors, couch, clothes and any other household item simple and easy:

·        Use Rubber Gloves:

Buy a pair of rubber gloves to remove pet hair; you can easily find them online. These gloves are made such that they can attract pet fur. You just need to wear them and run your hand over the surface of the furniture, bed, clothes, etc. After you collect pet hair in your gloves, you can simply rinse off the gloves, wait for them to dry, and use again.

These rubber gloves are good to use on upholstery and fabric.

·        Use Pet Hair Remover Brush:

Buy a good pet hair remover brush; again you can find it online. These brushes are efficient in removing pet fur, reusable, and are eco-friendly. Not just these, but it is very easy to use this to remove pet hair from your couch, bed, and floor.

·        Use Pet Hair Remove Roller:

Buy a good pet hair remove roller online. This is perhaps the easiest tool to remove pet hair from couches, beds, blankets, and more. You just need to hold it and move back and forth over the surface of the fabric. The DELOMO All in One Pet Hair Remove Roller comes with an inbuilt bin to collect pet fur. After you have used the roller, you only need to press the button to open the lid, empty the collected fur, and the roller is good to be used again.

Bottom Line:

Having a pet is a joyful experience, but keeping your home clean from their fur is a real tough job. DELOMO offers a number of useful and efficient tools for pet owners to remove pet fur from a sofa, furniture, bed, blanket, clothes, and more. You get all the above-discussed tools at one place, and the best thing is that all these tools come at an affordable price, so buying any of these tools is easy and pocket-friendly.


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