How to make grooming easier with DELOMO pet grooming glove?

Keeping your pet well-groomed and regularly massaged is good for both coat and skin health. DELOMO pet grooming glove is designed to make grooming easier and to turn it into a regular activity that both you and your pet can enjoy.

Make sure your pet is relaxed before grooming. Help your pet get used to the glove by showing it and play with it using the glove. Reward your pet with food, treats, and verbal praise to ensure that it’s comfortable and ready for grooming.

When it’s ready, put on the glove, adjust the Velcro fastening based on your wrist circumference and tighten to have a snug and comfortable fit.

To better collect the loose hair that will be removed, spray a bit of water on the rubber side of the glove. This will help prevent pet’s hair from scattering and flying and make it easier to peel off the short residue hair from the glove later.   

The backside of the glove should be kept dry so that your hand can stay dry and comfortable thanks to the soft breathable mesh fabric.

To start, move your hand gently in a sweeping motion in the direction of hair growth and work your way back from the opposite direction, repeat the process twice or more until collecting enough hair. Remember to peel off the accumulated hair from the glove periodically to make sure it continues to glide smoothly through pet’s fur and remove loose hair effectively.

While grooming, move fingers in a scratching motion to brush away dirt, grime, loose hair and to massage the skin. These soft rubber tips help stimulate healthy natural oil on pet’s skin, which improves softness and radiance of their coat. Stroke extra gently around sensitive areas like the head, eyes, ears, and tummy.

When finished, get rid of the accumulated hair by peeling it off the glove from the palm to fingertips. If you find residual hair left on the glove, use a wet cloth to wipe clean.

You can either hand wash the glove using mild detergent or soap with warm water or machine wash it in a gentle cycle. Air dry and store in a cool clean place.


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