Best tools for keeping a fur-free home

While pets can bring so much joy to your home, they can also bring lots of hair that stubbornly cling to every surface - couches, carpets, blankets, bedspreads... you name it. Cleaning up the loose hair can feel like an endless and frustrating chore especially in the shedding seasons. Don’t give up just yet. Here are some clever pet hair remover products that make cleaning your house so much easier and that you wish you’ve had them earlier.

This Magic X-Furbuster That Is Endlessly Reusable


Pet hairs have that pesky way of getting stuck in places and never wanting to come out. Where vacuum cleaners fail, DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller works like a charm. It pulls up loose fur off sofas and other upholstered furniture through an electrostatic charge from back-and-forth rolls. And all the hairs are swept into a chamber that opens at the push of a button for disposal later.

Depending on the amount of hair your pet sheds, you can very well clean the entire couch before having to empty the chamber, something that would require 30-45 minutes of vacuuming.(with this hair remover roller, it’s a 5 minute job.) And unlike a vacuum, DELOMO X-Furbuster roller requires no batteries or any other power sources. It’s endlessly reusable and affordable. There are four colors available, white, purple, blue and pink in case you need to match your color scheme.(X is one of white, purple, blue and pink)

This tool has more than 10,000 ratings on Amazon, and pet parents are raving about it, calling it the “best fur remover I’ve seen” and “this thing is definitely magic”.

Another customer wrote, "I just vacuumed my couch yesterday. I spent at least an hour trying to get all of the dog hair off,". "I received this yesterday (after I had finished vacuuming of course) and decided to give my couch a quick once over with this magic wand! [Even more of] the hair came out of my couch AFTER I vacuumed it!"

These Grooming Gloves That Remove Loose Hair and Massage Skin


Every pet parent knows it’s important to groom your cat or dog regularly not only  for shedding loose, dead hair, also to stimulate the natural oil production in pet’s coat for healthy fur growth. But that can be a problem for cats or dogs that bolt at the sight of a brush or comb or simply refuse to stay calm.

Here enters DELOMO Gloves for pet massage and grooming that you wear to pet your pup and remove loose hair all at the same time. The soft silicone nubs on the palm side of gloves deliver a massage sensation while lifting loose hair, dirt from the undercoat and detangling mats in the topcoat. It’s both comfortable for you and relaxing for your pet.

The back side of the gloves is made of breathable mesh, enabling good ventilation and fast dry. You can use these dog grooming gloves wet for bathtime scrubs or dry to de-shed your furry friend.

Compared to other mitt style gloves for grooming, these five-finger pet deshedding gloves offer more flexibility when reaching areas such as tails, back of legs, around the face and under their chest. You have better control where and how exactly you brush, minimizing risks of tugging at your pet’s fur or scratching his skin. All you pet get is some petting love and affection.

Better yet, the loose hairs are trapped in between the soft silicone bristles instead of floating around your house while you’re grooming your pet (Some short fur may escape though.). When you’re done, simply peel off the whole mat of hair and throw in trash. It’s said to spray a bit of water on the palm to keep the fur together before brushing.

This pair of gloves has more than 50,000 ratings on Amazon. According to Amazon shoppers, it’s a life saver.

The New Version DELOMO Gloves


DELOMO has made some improvement based on the feedback from the previous gloves. The new version has longer silicone tips that reach deeper into the undercoat to remove loose hair. Ideal for cat and dog breeds of long, thick hair. Besides, the rubber side of the gloves is treated to be non-stick, so there will be less short residue hair left on the gloves. For the few stubborn hairs that do remain, rub your gloved hands together to loosen them up so they’ll come off easily. These gloves come in three new colors, green, black and purple.

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