Effective ways to get pet hair out of clothes

After a fun play session with pets, it leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. We feel a sense of joy in bonding with our loyal and loved companions. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only thing that it leaves behind.

Many times, our furry pets also like to leave their hair embedded into our clothes. And if you’ve ever experienced this, you know that it isn’t easy to get out.

Fortunately, we have several effective methods for getting pet hair out of clothes. From simple tools to washing machine techniques, we’ve got you covered so you never have to be covered in all that hair.

Let’s get started.

Why It Is Important to Get Pet Hair Out of Clothes

As pet parents, we know that our pets are a part of the family. They provide us with companionship, love, and support- especially during tough times. We couldn’t imagine life without them.

While pet hair might not seem like a big deal, it can cause some problems if it’s left unchecked. For starters, pet hair can be a nuisance to guests in your home if it’s constantly shedding onto clothing.

Not to mention, pet hair is also difficult to clean. It often clings to fabric and fibers, making it hard to remove. Over time, this pet hair can lead to allergies or asthma symptoms in both people and animals.

Additionally, when pet hair sticks to clothes, it can put a real damper whenever we need to leave the house. People could be going to the grocery, on a hot date, or a very important business meeting or interview. The last thing we want is pet hair to be a distraction.

So, it’s important to get pet hair out of clothes- not just for the sake of looking presentable, but also for our health.

Effective Ways to Get Pet Hair Out of Clothes

Now that we know why it’s important to get pet hair out of clothes, let’s discuss some effective ways to do so.

Duct Tape

Duct tape might be more commonly used as an emergency repair tool, but it can also remove pet hair from clothing with ease. The sticky surface clings to pet hair, making it easy to pull off of the fabric. Simply take a strip of duct tape and stick it on the parts of your clothing that have hair and get ready to pull it out.

Here comes the important part. When it comes to taking it off, the pre-conceived notion is to rip it off quickly like a band-aid. In many cases, this may be an effective practice. For pet hair on clothes though, it is best to peel it off at a medium pace.

This ensures that the hair stays firmly stuck on the duct tape and can be pulled out with significant effect.

Dish Sponge

This kitchen tool is not only effective at cleaning dishes but it can also be used to remove pet hair from clothes. The sponge will grab onto pet hair and lift it away from the fabric. All you have to do is lay out the clothes covered in hair and scrub the sponge on the areas.

Use the abrasive side of the sponge that is usually meant for scrubbing out tough stains from your pots and plates. This is best for targeting the stubborn hairs from the clothes.

As an additional tip, try to do this method outside or on a generous amount of trash bags. Doing this means that you won’t have to worry about the stray hairs getting caught up on other pieces of fabric or furniture.

Dryer and Washing Machine

The washing machine is often our go-to solution for cleaning clothes, so it’s no surprise that it can also be used to remove pet hair. For pet hair though, the method is a bit different.

Usually, we like to put our clothes into the washing machine first. Afterward, we put them into the dryer. For getting pet hair out of clothes, we are reversing this process and putting the clothes with hair into the dryer first.

A 10-minute cycle without the heat will do perfectly. This allows the clothes to soften up, effectively loosening the hair stuck to the clothes. Be sure to clean the dryer and the lint trap afterward to collect the fallen hair.

Before putting it into the washing machine, make sure to give your articles of clothing a good shake just to make sure that it loosens all the other hair. Then, you are ready to proceed with the usual process of washing machine and then dryer once more.


This may come as a surprise, but vinegar is an effective pet hair removal solution. The acidic nature of vinegar works to break down pet hair so that it can be easily lifted away from clothes.

To use this method, mix one-part water and one part vinegar in a bowl. Take a clean cloth and soak it in the mixture. Once it is soaked, ring out the cloth until it is only damp and not dripping wet.

Then, layout your clothes on a flat surface and begin scrubbing the pet hair areas with the dampened vinegar cloth. You should start to see the pet hair lifting away from the fabric.

Once you’ve scrubbed all the affected areas, put your clothing in the washing machine as you would normally.

Alternatively, you can add half a cup of vinegar into the washing machine as well.

A Combined Effort

In the end, there is no single silver bullet for effectively getting pet hair out of clothes. The best practice is to combine the various methods for stubborn hairs.

Start by using various tools, like duct tape and sponge, to get out most hairs from the clothing. Then, proceed with the dryer-washing machine-dryer combination. If you’d like you can add some vinegar into the mix as well.

Pet hairs are stubborn, but with these methods, they won’t stick around for long.

Apart from clothing, pet hair can also get into furniture, car seats, and carpets. For this, many effective tools can help you clean out the hair such as our pet hair remover roller. While not effective for clothing, these rollers make it easy to get pet hair out of our daily furniture.

We hope that these methods presented will help ease getting pet hair out of clothes so that you can focus on enjoying your time with your pet.

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