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Are you always ashamed of being busy with your work and neglected your cat? Cats often feel lonely when their masters go out. There is always that connotation comes with cats - they are solitary animals, choosing to sleep most of the day away. However, cats are much more active than you may think. So it’s time to spice up your cat’s toy collection with some awesome new additions!

The Best Smart Interactive Cat Toy Ball

Key Features: USB Rechargeable, Smart Rolling

It is no secret that cats are natural predators. It's in their genes. This smart interactive cat toy ball can help cats nurture their very important reason for existence, giving them the opportunity to relive their predatory heritage. It is a 360 Degree self-rotating moving ball. The led motion ball rolls around and changes direction automatically and smartly when encountering obstacles. It is rechargeable with an extra-long battery life. The smart rolling ball stops rolling automatically after 45 minutes, which makes the rest time more scientific for your cats and save more power.

The Best Automatic Teaser Cat Toy

Key Features: Spinning Feather, LED Light

From the moment you take this toy out of the box, your cat is going to be hooked. The swirling feather with bell stimulates the cat's senses and helps cat relieve stress. Automatic Teaser Cat Toy is so quiet that it will not scare the cat away or disturb you. It is perfect for one or more cats to play together. It will be a good time that you lie on the sofa and watch your cat play it happily beside you. This cat toy will stop to run automatically every 30 minutes. It makes a scientific rest time for your cats.

The Best 2 in 1 Automatic Cat Toy

Key Features: USB Rechargeable, Spinning Feather, Laser Toy

Like cat wands, laser toys are one of the all-time classic cat toys. And what about with moving feather? Trust me! Your cat will obsess with this cat toy at first sight. It is easy to install it on the cat’s house, or anywhere you would like and it's rechargeable so you don't have to waste batteries. The light ball toy will stop working every 30 minutes automatically for your cat to have a rest.

The Best Cat Food Dispenser Ball

Key Features: Cat Food Dispenser, LED Light, Feather Bell

Are you looking to get your cat more active? Does he or she constantly look bored? Then you may want to consider using this food-dispensing cat toy ball, which provides both physical and mental stimulation during snack times. The lights work when your cat knocks the egg around, and it will swing around and drop the cat’s favorite treats, rewarding the cat’s exercise, stimulating the cat’s mind and motivating the cat to keep playing. 

The Best Pinning Feather Cat Toy

Key Features: Cat Food Dispenser, Spinning Feather, LED Light

For some cats, bright colors, feathers, and noisemakers aren't enough - you need instant gratification and food rewards. Fortunately, the spinning feather cat toy is sure to captivate any cats. This cat toy spins around and holds cat treats, engaging your cat’s instincts for hunting and chasing. The pinning feather cat toy will stop working every 30 minutes automatically for your cat to have a rest.

The Best Smart Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Key Features: USB Rechargeable, Laser Toy,2 Rotating Modes

It’s well known that cats love laser pointers. Cats have a strong hunting instinct and chasing a moving target like a laser pointer can be a very satisfying game for them! This laser toy has two different settings with fast speed and slow speed. The adjustable laser modes cater to cats with different levels of agility. You can use the automatic mode if you are busy or control this laser toy by your hand. The toy is light weighted but durable, plus USB charging that it's easy for every family!

All of DELOMO cat toys feature made of eco-friendly plastic (ABS) and high-quality feathers, coming in a variety of styles to suit your pet’s preferences.

1 comment

  • Deb

    Hello – My cat has broken one of the arms off of the DELOMO Interactive Cat Toy, Automatic Teaser Cat Toy (The Best Automatic Teaser Cat Toy – Key Features: Spinning Feather, LED Light). I’m not able to find a replacement for the toy. Are these still being made or can you guide me as to where I can buy another one? It’s his favorite toy. Thanks.

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