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Some people go above and beyond to make sure their animal friends are healthy, happy, and (occasionally) spoiled.
"I taught my dog how to accept FaceTime calls through my laptop at home while I'm at work. Then, we just talk." — Reddit user araghar

Recently we received a thanks email from our customer. I found a pet story and it is so touched me! With the cat's owners' consent, we shared about it. This is our customer Shay Mann’s story with his cats Diva and Shadow:

“One weekend I went to the SPCA with the intention of adopting a small dog - never had a desire to get a cat. When walking through the lobby, a small black cat literally reached out and grabbed me. That was Diva. Thankfully, for both of us, she found me.

She has always been a special needs cat since I adopted her from the Richmond SPCA. Her mom was a stray and had the feline herpes virus, but died while at the shelter and pregnant. Due to the herpes virus, Diva’s right eyelid is actually fused to her eye, and she has a weakened immune system. She was labeled as an angel pet.

I know all pets are special, but Diva has literally saved my life. During a period of severe depression I experienced several years ago, I was seriously considering just calling it quits. I would not have left that dark place, or even be here today, if it was not for her. 

Unfortunately, Diva was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, which has been pretty devastating.I tried my best to save her life but she was still let go on Monday after battling cancer for a year here at home.

I'm still grieving the recent loss of my special needs cat of 14 years, so not something I am up to doing just yet, but I wanted to let you know why I purchased the DELOMO pet grooming glove and how they have helped my other cat, Shadow, cope with the loss of Diva.

Shadow is a long-haired, very fluffy cat.who has been with me and Diva for about 9 years, is having a really hard time coping with the loss. He could sense something was wrong with her and he has been really sad for about a week. Recently, he was not only extremely sad but also became violently ill from the stress. I purchased the gloves in hopes it would be something that we could do together, and would make him feel better. I was really worried he wouldn't like the gloves, but I was desperately trying to find something to make him at least a little happier, and perhaps show him he is loved and not alone during this difficult time for both of us. Well, Shadow loved being groomed with the gloves! It was the first time I heard him purr since Diva left us. ”

Delomo Pet Grooming Deshedding Gloves

The story is ending and We are so glad Shadow loves our pet grooming glove and bring happiness to him. We will like Diva to accompany you. We wish everything goes well to you and Shadow.

Few things say ‘I love my dog’ or ‘I love my cat’ more than making sure they’re always well-groomed. Apart from making them look beautiful and healthy, the process of grooming itself is a fantastic way to show your pet that you love them. Both you and your cat or dog will benefit from the time spent together as you brush their fur. Use this opportunity to make a fuss of them; stroke them, give them a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears, and if they’ve behaved well, maybe give them a healthy treat as well.  

DELOMO pet story, it’s not only a story, but also a real thing that happens in our daily lives. DELOMO is willing to share and spread our story, let every family with pets become healthy, warm and full of love. We donate a lot of pet products to animal welfare agencies every year. And we are also free of charge to other customers who needs. DELOMO as a professional pet company, In addition to providing quality products and consulting services, we are more willing to make more efforts for our customers. Build a warm, harmonious pet and human home environment, Let our "pet story" keep moving.

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